Trial Lesson

Private Pilot License – Step 1

So after a long time of dreaming about it every time a plane flew over I decided to have a look at getting my private pilots license. I had briefly flirted with lessons a long time ago but didnt take it very far.

Time to do it properly this time.

First step is a ‘trial lesson’. I booked a 1 hour trial lesson at one of three local (within 1 hours drive) airfields. I make it quite clear I wanted a trial lesson.
The day of the lesson came around. I arrived a few minutes early and was greeted by chief CFI and shown into the club house. It was all friendly and informal. The club house was somewhat run down but was fine. The weather was fantastic. Lovely sun, no cloud and no wind. Great!
Unfortunately the instructor I was flying with didnt turn up till 15 mins after the start time and had very little idea of what I was there for.

They did a pre flight check of the 172 we were about to take, sorted a headset out for me and we were off!

The flight was great fun. We ran through the basics of the controls, which whilst I did kind of know them was perfectly fine.
Few opportunities for pictures over York which was nice and it was very quickly back.

Post flight I was very excited. The instructor had lots of encouraging words and I wanted more!


I knew I should check out other schools to compare and be sure about what I was buying into. Its a huge investment, you are going to be spending a lot of time and money and trusting the instructor to keep you safe and teach you to be safe so its worth ensuring you are getting into the right school. So next time I will try another school and see how they compare.

Logged time: 1 Hour

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