Solo Land Away

Last two exams done Solo Land Away

Since the last time we have done another triangle which featured a practice diversion back to my home airfield. The diversion planning all went well if a little taxing to do whilst flying. Once I realised it just needs to be reasonably accurate and can be updated as needing during the diversion that all went well.

Next step is a land away. This is simply landing at another airfield. Sounds simple!
In essence it is, but its starting to bring together all the things you have been learning along the way. There is the planning of the route, the circuit , navigating to the other airfield, dealing with the radio during the flight and then joining and landing at the other airfield.
As part of the lesson flow I did this exercise dual with my instructor before going for it solo…

So, the solo part. First is the planning. The route was still on my map from the dual however the wind was very different. Some calculations on the whizz wheel and the plog was plotted. The route took me via Brough and Brigg then to Wickenby. Airspace to be aware of would be the Humberside ATZ, Scampton and Waddington MATZ and Hibaldstow which is a very active parachute drop zone.

Plan checked out it was time to go. Once again the little Cessna 150 jumped into the air with just me in.
I left the circuit and headed out. Talked to Humberside Radar to get a basic service. Navigation all went well and matching the plog.

The military zones were all closed so no hassle there. Humberside just passed me over to Wickenby Radio. It was a downwind join at Wickenby. The airfield is no overhead joins which suited me. The ‘standard’ overhead join seems to be a different standard everywhere and at this stage of my learning im not all that confident with them! Quite a strong (for me) crosswind saw a less than perfect landing but once down I breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn’t a terrible landing but it certainly wasn’t great…

A 5 minute break in the cafe and im ready to head back. Take off was uneventful. I followed the circuit until I was up to height then departed the circuit and changed back to Humberside.

Flying back north towards Hull was the worst flight so far. The summer sun had been out and the air was very bumpy. From 300fps thermal to feeling like the plane was falling out the sky, one wing had lift one didnt when the other had. It was incredibly turbulent. At one point I pondered if there was actually an issue with controls! It certainly made keeping ahead of the plane very difficulty however I was pleased to not feel ill whilst reading the map during all this.

After what seemed like forever the air seemed to settle and before I knew it I was 10 mile out from being back at Breighton. Just the landing back at home to do.

So overall Im pleased with how it went. Im feeling like this is real progress now. Landing away at other places seems a great step forward.

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