Lesson Two – New flight school

Private Pilot License – First Real Lesson

After trying the first flight school and being very excited I still took the time to try out another school.

Again I booked a Trial Lesson. The instructor I spoke to on the phone took some details and understood I was looking to compare with my first lesson.
The lessons booked are 2 hours. This allows for some pre flight and post flight briefing. The flight time is around 1 hour.

I arrived at the air field, after getting marginally lost as Waze had no idea where I wanted to be, and found the schools portacabin. I also wandered over to the club house and found my instructor, Ed. The clubhouse is a fantastic, with a friendly atmosphere and a whole assortment of delicious looking foods.
The whole airfield has a different feel. Lots of activity, lots of interesting planes and lots of friendly people. Its still laid back and welcoming.

On to the lesson. I talked with Ed, my instructor about what I was looking for and what I had done so far. He decided a proper lesson was in order and briefed me for my lesson. I learned about the effects of the controls – both the primary and secondary effect. Along with theory of trim.

So out to the plane. A Cessna 150 this time.
Ed walked me through what to look for in the pre flight. Took the time to explain what should be where and typical issues. Gave me a check list to keep and got us ready to go.
We took off, flew to the practice area and ran through some basics of what each control did and demonstrated the real world secondary effects and then got me to demonstrate them too.

Looking back these were really basic however at the time it was still a lot to take in.

After an hour we were back at the airfield. It certainly didnt feel like an hour and I already knew this was the place to learn for me. The perfect mix of proper teaching and laid back environment.

A post flight briefing followed and I had more information than I could hold!

Logged time: 2 Hours

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