Last 2 Exams

Last two exams done

Having done 7 of the 9 exams I had just ‘Flight Planning and Performance’ and ‘Navigation and Radio Aids’ exams left to do.

Flight Planning and Performance was first. It was one I had studied for on my own and felt comfortable with. It consists of information you need to know or likely will. Its certainly one to be aware of going forward.

Then there was the ‘Navigation and Radio Aids’. This feels like a lot of learning pointless calculations you will never use and how to do them on the CPR1. 90% of the material you would never do this way again. Sure im all for not relying on computers, especially for nav in flight and this is where some parts like the calculating the drift could come in, but realistically im not going to be changing between kg and US Gal in flight…

So the Navigation exam I did prep myself but did spend time going over with my instructor who really helped with what to really know and understand and keep sharp going forward, and what to understand enough for the exam.

Well its done. 9 exams. 9 Passes. 0 failures along the way!

This is the reading I used for my exams: Pooleys Air Pilots Manual. Personally I would recommend getting the new books where ever possible. You wont save much buying used and the licensing has undergone a lot of changes so you dont want to learn the wrong material!

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